Playing Hooky Picking up the phone, you notice that the texture of the phone feels a little off. "Jeez, I need to drink some strong black coffee or something!" you think as you dial. A male secretary at work answers...doesn't his voice sound a little different today?...but he pleasantly agrees to give your boss the message that you're not coming in today. "Playing hooky, huh?" chirps the secretary. "Well, you know just what to do with your day today, don't you?" "Uh....yeah," you reply, and hang up the phone, boost hgh wiping your sweaty palms on your pajamas. TO CARE OR NOT TO CARE. WHEN I WAS JOGGING,I SLOWLY EASED OUT.I ENJOYED THE JOG.I FELT THE FRESH MORNING AIR,WATCHED THE GREEN TREES,THE COLORFULL FLOWERS,THE LIGHT BREEZE ON MY FACE.IT WAS ENVIGOURATING.I DECIDED TO COME FOR A JOG EVERY MORNING.WHILE JOGGING THROUGH THE VAST PARK I SUDDENLY HEARD A WHIMPER.I COULD NOT DISTINGUISH WHETHER IT WAS A HUMAN OR AN ANIMAL WHIMPERING. Laura had always had more female friends than male friends, and had begun to find that her continually hopeless and demoralising quest for the man of her life was more and more difficult to justify. In all her history of dating, there was not a hgh supplements shred of evidence that, one day, a man would equal and exceed her expectations: even those rare individuals who had a tick in every box on her mental check-list somehow lacked that vital ingredient to ignite her imagination or even awaken her interest. Her unhappy conclusion was that she just wasn't a sexual person, and slowly she was coming to accept it. As she watched the graphic banner waving at the top of her computer screen, something occurred to Laura that had all the power of a revelation. In a moment of clarity and connection, a world of possiblility opened up. Where was the sense in leading a wholly women-orientated existence, whilst maintaining the illusion that the answer to one's hopes for the future lay in a hgh booster member of the opposite sex, when she couldn't even connect with men as friends half the time? Dating need no longer be a game of pretence and keeping to formula, with honest conversation only possible with female friends in a cruel ritual of post-date analysis. Here was the chance that other women disenchanted with the world of heterosexual relations might be the very ones to fill the void in each others' lives... But enough of the theorising. Laura clicked her mouse, and up on the screen came a list of women seeking women. The top one caught her eye: Teacher,39, seeks enthusiastic pupil for experiments beyond the classroom. Box no. 405. Laura smiled to herself as she found her mind wandering, and she glanced nervously over her shoulder. Of course it was okay, she thought, there's nobody else here. They need never know. She hadn't felt her heart pound with the excitement of the illicit for years. But then, how could she be even entertaining the notion of dating some unknown lesbian? She must be losing her mind... Wishworms Esmerelda set her will and intent as she was taught in Manifestation 101. " I want a job that is not past my measly abilities", she she mumbled as she lit her red candle and started to burn the feather of a small swift her cat had hunted down that morning. She began to imagine all the activities she'd like to do, such as baking a flawless souflee without lifting a finger. Then as usual, an unbidden thought raced through her imagination. She saw an enormous puce tomato worm crawling though her souflee. She tried to unthink it, but in her mind, it turned to her and spit a wad of acid in her face.